[ETF Request] Wisdomtree ETFs (Xetra)

Could you please add the following ETFs to your selection?

DE000A2AHL75 WisdomTree Global Quality Dividend Growth UCITS ETF USD Acc
DE000A0N62H8 WisdomTree Physical Precious Metals
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Hello! Both of the ETFs are up & running! :v:


Thanks @brkofi for the request, Quality/Growth is great add.

@Martin , I’ve been checking the in-app New stocks list and see some of the great stocks your adding for the community aren’t included, is it possible to sync this for new uploads?

Adding some great new stocks tomorrow I found manually searching, now catching up on this thread! :+1:

edit - re precious metals, @David said the WT palladium/platinum ETFs would go fractional, is that still on the cards, thanks.

edit 2 - any chance of PHPP :pray:

Could we get LSE version: IE00BZ56SW52

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