ETF Requests - LSE: IASP & LSE: IUSP

Hello Trading212,

I would like to invest in to the 2 following REIT ETFs that are currently not available on the platform. You already have IPRP & IUKP ETFs so hopefully the following 2 can be added to match!

IASP - iShares Asia Property Yield UCITS ETF

IUSP - iShares US Property Yield UCITS ETF

Thanks in advance!


P.S. Looking forward to Aprils automated investing update - You are awesome! :slight_smile:


@Martin sorry to tag you but I noticed you replying to other requests.

Are you able to assist with my ETF requests or provide an ETA?

No problem if not, just thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask :slight_smile:


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Hello! We are going to add the mentioned instruments, but due to the load, we are fulfilling all the request chronologically. In essence, they’ll be available in the next two weeks :v:t2:


Hi @Martin,

Any news on my request yet by any chance?

I noticed there are requests from March being added to the platform so wondered if mine had been missed.


Hello, @IVIatty4123,

We haven’t missed your requests, you can expect them live until the end of the day! Cheers :v:

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