ETF Xtrackers MSCI World Momentum Factor UCITS

Hello, I would like to request for you to add the following ETF: Xtrackers MSCI World Momentum Factor UCITS ETF 1C

The MSCI World Momentum index tracks stocks with a high price momentum from 23 developed countries worldwide. The index consists of titles that have experienced price increases over the past 6 and past 12 months.

Thank you

Dont know if it helps for now but the iShares MSCI world momentum is on trade212 already and the USA one the euro on is on but isnt fractional so no use for pies

Thank you for your suggestion Tefal.

The fund you state is a nice alternative, one that I have also considered in my analysis. Still, I was looking for something in Euros and managed by an European company with a slightly less TER, hence my request :slightly_smiling_face: