ETFs and Trusts back in the frame?

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With your new functionality for bulk loading new instruments evidently a success, can you please advise if new ETFs and Trusts will now be added with as much ease?

Can we start requesting these again?

If you can elaborate and also on whether non-US stocks are back in the frame, that would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks



I agree 100% with @Joey_Fantana
Would be great to have a larger collection of sector-specific ETFs to choose from. In times like ours - with a massive transition on the horizon - being able to properly target some areas while staying away from others would be very beneficial.
This is especially true as T212 isn’t able to give us access to many different markets across the world yet. So we can’t really build exhaustive pies for now.
Thanks for considering :+1:
@David @Martin @PeterA @Team212 @Tony.V @George

@Joey_Fantana @Enlil EU & UK instruments, be that ETFs or Trusts, are on the table but we’re still prioritizing the US, it’s just simpler for us.

Pretty soon we’ll cover OTC markets with the long-awaited TCEHY. Once that’s done, we’ll focus on EU/UK.


And with that @David drops the mic and leaves the stage…

Thanks for the update and the expectation setting, mate. Champion.


As well as H2O innovations (HEOFF)


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