H2O Innovation Inc request

Hi, Would it be possible to add H2O Innovation Inc (HEOFF)? Thank you!


I requested this too :sweat_smile:

@David :eyes: do we know when OTC stocks like this will be added?

Please add HEOFF. Thank you in advance!

Could you please add H2O Innovation Inc


Bump… or a time frame? @David :eyes::grimacing:

Strong contender in the growing desalination market!


I second this, this would be the last piece of my pie

I was also about to request this!

Bump - hopefully make fridays cut :weary:

I could be wrong but, similar to Planet 13, I think this trades on the OTC markets in the US, which Trading 212 does not yet offer access to.

You could be right :see_no_evil: @David any ideas when this could be added?

Looks like OTC markets are on the cards…


Just saw that! Look forward to it, will make finalising my pie harder though

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H20 Innovation Inc. would be a very good addition to the community and brings more renewable stocks which is an ever-increasing investment addition. This is a water desalination plant which has great growth potential.

I, along with others would surely benefit for it being part of the platform.


I agree, they seem to be growing nicely. I currently have consolidated water but would like to cover myself with H2O too

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Not that I like using Youtubers as a source of info but this guy is good and very good analysis of both stocks

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I agree! Not one to consult YouTube but I’ve seen his videos and his financial analysis is always a good start. A real buffet fan but with an eye on growth. :+1:t3:

Was tempted by Canadian solar but I feel it’ll turn to a commodity so stuck to clean energy etf

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Pls can we add HEO h2o innovations on Fridays release

As well as $Nick :weary:


The OTC stock is now penny stock exempt, please add