ETFs missing Yield/Dividends information?


What is the reason behind missing Dividend yield information on ETFs?

For example: Vanguard S&P 500 ETF VUSA Vanguard: Helping you reach your investing goals | Vanguard

Are dividens even paid out for ETFs on Trading212?


I have VUSD and they do. Probably just doesn’t have the data source for dividends?

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Just to be sure what I’m talking about:
Missing line

Info is here…

I see, I guess that’s because dividend yield are retrieved from fundamentals and it seems that you can’t retrieve fundamentals for ETFs.

Would be nice if there is though, I agree.

Also, if i remember correctly there has been several threads asking for ETF’s dividends yield to be added.


Dividend information is not given for ETFs. You will also find the same data missing on the websites of many other platforms, so Trading 212 is not particularly deficient. The best place to check the current yield is on Vanguard’s website.

ETF yield is less predictable than for shares. It is known that Apple’s current dividend is $0.22 per share and this is likely to be the same next quarter. But ETF dividends can vary greatly from quarter to quarter since the dividend is comprised of dividends collected from all the shares owned, minus costs and fund fee. They are not fixed amounts. provides ETF yields as a premium paid-for service.


Both replies more then enough explain my question. Thank you!

Regards, Anze

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