EU registrations - OPEN

If there was, there would be a post about it.

For now I’d assume that going into the new year may be the earliest we can expect an update to the situation. that’s roughly the goal for sorting out the EU entity stocks and migration from what I can tell and it should give them the leeway necessary to tackle the UK issue again without distractions.

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Okay, I have a question if T212 will be available in Belarus.

Currently, I’m living In Poland but someday maybe have to return back. So that’s why I’m interested. And If not should close my account when I come back then according to the rules?

Hi Together,

Does anyone knows when it will be possible to open an Account on Trading 212? I’am from Switzerland and since april 2021 on the waitlist…

Thank you for your answer and BR.

Hey @rouven :wave:

While we certainly appreciate your interest in our services, we’ve no updates on the matter just yet. Be that as it may, we’ll make sure to promptly update the thread, in case of any new developments.

Hello, I am wondering how long this waitlist is going to last? I have sumbitted a request last year and still don’t have any confirmation to open an account for trading. I thought there was something wrong with my e-mail so I opened a ALT-account but still until today nothing happened. Is the waitlist really thath- long?

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in short, yes :sweat_smile: Don’t worry, they should be getting around to your sign-up before long :pray:

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Hey, @souf1212.

I’ve merged your post to this topic, and I hope it’s okay with you. We can not provide an ETA for onboarding :belgium: residents, but as soon as there is any news, we’ll share them.

Otherwise, @Dao, you’re right - we’re making our way through the queue with UK residents.


The registrations for Swiss :switzerland: residents are now open.


@Bogi.H Please resume registrations for GCC/Middle East residents, especially Bahrain :bahrain:. My friends are on the wait list since Jan 2021.


Residents of Malta :malta: can open accounts now.

@Usman_Nawaz, unfortunately, I’m not able to share any updates. Once I have news, though, I’ll let you know.


This didn’t aged well for the “good old British pound”. Walking for the parity with EUR and USD.