Exchange - Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) & TSX Venture

Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE or TSX) & TSX Venture (TSXV):

According to Investopedia:

The Toronto Stock Exchange is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world and is the third-largest in North America after the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Nasdaq.

List of Canadian Stocks available on Interactive Brokers:

In this thread we could speak Canadian Stocks, either listed on Canada and/or listed on US Stock Exchanges.

Some Canadian companies are also listed in NYSE, NASDAQ, NYSE American and OTC Markets.

Canada had several mining, oil & gas, timber and other natural resources companies. Besides other sectors, like REITs.

Btw, any ETA on adding the Canadian Stock Exchanges? (@B.E ; @Hris.M ; @Bogi.H ; @Tony.V )


Some articles with some interesting ideas on Canadian companies:


At this point, we cannot commit to a deadline for adding the Toronto Stock Exchange. We’ll update you once we move a step closer.

Meanwhile, let us know if you encounter a specific Canadian stock missing from our portfolio but traded on one of our supported exchanges. We’ll be happy to add it if we can.