Expansion of ISA types?

Not sure if possible, but it would great if T212 offered other types of ISA accounts ie Lifetime ISA, Junior ISA for kids.

Thoughts? Possibilities?


LISA was mentioned this week by T212 on another thread. Timeline for release was coming in Q3

So I think you could have a LISA and a regular ISA, as they are two different types right?

Four types of ISA: cash ISA, S&S ISA, LISA, and IFISA

You can put in a max of £20k between them each tax year.

JISA I think it’s £9k each child.

So as the JISA is £9k, is that separate or part of the £20k allowance. I would have thought separate as it’s for a different person.

Yeah the £20k is your personal allowance as an adult, each child has their own £9k of JISA allowance.

You actually have two types of Junior ISA, a cash and S&S. Again you can have either or both, but you can only put £9k between them in a tax year.

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Ok great! Thanks for clarifying! :+1: