False Scam Review of Trading 212

@Team212 @Tony.V @Ivan I think you better look at this link (it is in Italian) as it is almost defining your platform a scam to stay away from, in order to promote another broker (probably for the commissions they get from them).

I think it is kind of defamatory and I thought it was better you have this link and look into it, to see if you want to take any legal action


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Thank you for sharing it. We’ll check this further & act accordingly.


No problem, thanks for your fast reply

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@southbeach Here you have the answer:

Hmmm no referral program in Italy… I wonder why they’re recommending other brokers instead :thinking::money_mouth_face::laughing:

I don’t know why, but I am sure you are completely right on this :laughing:

Anyway they could have just wrote a review without saying that they had to remove Trading 212 from their broker list due to too many complains from their follower.

I find it very unethical

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  • Trading 212 can be defined as a Forex broker
  • Being regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
  • a commission to be paid corresponding to 2% will be added for each withdrawal made.

I think the article was written a long time ago when T212 didn’t had the Invest and ISA accounts.


Avus Capital was the intermediary in 2015.
Today we all know it’s IB.

I was actually looking for the date at the bottom of the article, but I could not find any to be honest.

But you may be right on that

the article was published on 18/06/2019 and updated last on 18/02/2020.

still outdated info considering even in 2019 it wasn’t like they claim it was.Screenshot 2020-11-26 175624

when a web article lacks its own timestamp websites will often contain one in the metadata. you can see this by inspecting the page source on any modern browser :wink:


Thanks for the tip. I was not completely aware of the metadata to sort out the date.
If it was updated in 2020 it does not reflect the truth anyway.

Thanks for the top tip. This will help me when using websites in my dissertation. If there’s not date I just use 2020