First time request

Been waiting a while to make this request

Invesco Dynamic Pharmaceuticals ETF

Isin: ISINUS46137V6627
Exchange: NYSE Arca

Vanguard Information Technology ETF

Isin: US92204A7028
Exchange: NYSE Arca

Vanguard Health Care ETF

Isin: US92204A5048

Link: Vanguard ETF Profile | Vanguard

What is the process that these requests go through before we know if and when they will be added?

Hey welcome. Check out the sticky at the top of this section.

Your ETFs need to be UCITS compliant and listed on an exchange that 212 have access to.

Do you have the ISINs or something that can help identify them?


Thanks for your reply I’ve added the isin codes to the original post. I couldn’t tell if they are USITS

They’re not UCITS compliant - you’ll generally see it in their name. It’s a regulation they need to meet in order to be sold to European and UK investors.

You could try searching JustETF - there are similar ETFs offered by other providers that meet the criteria.

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Thanks for your help. Very informative