Fix the Spread! Like Plus 500 and others

I find it very annoying that trading 212 cannot fix the spread and have a ‘target spread’ for instruments. I feel this catches out many people.

It will give more transparency to us as traders and I don’t have to redo all my calculations every time. One of the biggest reasons I do all my commodity trading on Plus 500 is because they fix their spreads.

Please sort this out as I don’t see any justifiable reason to have a ‘target spread’.

Might be because I don’t do CFD, but are you asking you want to know how much from the spread is T212s profit?

Nope. Im just asking them to have a fixed spread. They can make what they want but I think using a target spread is unfair on CFD users.

How can they “fix” the spread though they don’t control that the MMs do?

The best ask and best bid are provided, the spread is the difference, T212 widen it on CFD to take some profit.

Are Plus 500 taking the hit when the spread widens to say 0.5 and they have a fixed say 0.3, are the losing that 0.2? So like its the best ask - 0.3 is the bid?


Ive been trading commodities on plus 500 over 3 months now. On Coffee the spread has always remained 0.20.

They do have dynamic spread on things like oil.

You’re referring to this?

They have explained how it works before. Check the comment below. It’s very unpredictable I agree.

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@pipo he’s asking for them to fix the distance though.

I assume Plus 500 run it delayed and add in their profit and make sure its always 0.2

Just looking at what I think is the current ask on TV and you can see the spread changing from 0.05-0.25 (0.1 in this shot)

The last price doesn’t seem to be close to what Plus500 show.

unpredictable I agree. CVAC had a Buy-Sell difference of $4.50, it only cost $65.48 to Sell, but to Buy would be $70.02.

The Sell price is currently $65.58, Buy price $65.79.

21cents - $4.50 Huge difference

Some stocks just have a too big spread.