Indices spread is too wide

Hi there, the spread on Trading212’s indices futures are pretty wide compared to other brokers. I’m being quoted almost 4Eur for the Dax on trading212, compared to 1Eur for a different broker. Are you looking to be more competitive?

Unfortunately on CFD thats how 212 make their money. The best thing to do is to trade CFD on another broker like plus500. I’ve used them over the last couple of years and their spread in comparable is better especially on indices.
If enough people use another broker for CFD this may make 212 become more competitive.
Just a thought :wink:

Yeah, definately going to change for CFDs at least.

Makes it even more risky when you enter a trade and your SL is already close to being hit. In the current market its killed my account. After backtesting and comparing with a different broker, I would be in profit as i wouldn’t have been stopped out as much due to spread.