Fractional request Bonds

Hi is it possible to make some of the bond etfs fractional?

There’s a good selection of bond etfs on here now, but only a few are fractional.


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Got any ones in particular you want the team to focus on?

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iShares CBond 0-5y GBP
iShares Core CBond GBP
IShares Global High Yield CBond GBP
IShares Global Government Bond
IShares TBond 1-3y USD

Just think it would good to have better access to some of these ETFs as some of these are over £100 and minimum of 1 share. So it discourages some of the lower value investors.

fair enough. a good spread of bond there.

on the upside, with the upcoming feature of portfolio pie and re-balancer, we may soon yet see all new shares added to at minimum 0.1 fractions up to 0.001 (for those pricier stocks)


I was thinking of that when I asked about the fractional bonds, because I was watching a video about m invest (or whatever it’s called, the US one) and the they had set up a pie for bonds. I’m hoping to be able to do the same soon with the update. I realised I’m majorly lacking bonds with recent events, I think I need incorporate some into my portfolio.

Ah yes, M1 Finance as seen in YouTuber Joseph Carlsons Dividend Investing series. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bonds are good for the stability they bring, to the overall portfolio value at least. I would sooner invest the money in companies proven to weather recessions well and grow them further when panic shakes down the prices.

speaking of him, perhaps we have a few potential UK/European budding youtubers who would try their hand at making the T212 version :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t, got no ability to socialise hahaha.