Fractional shares for SPYD (SPDR S&P US Div Aristocrats)

I am building an ETF pie and part of it is SPYD (SPDR S&P US Div Aristocrats). Can it be made fractional?

And if it is not too much, my OCD would thank you if SPYD and ZPRG can have icons (another ETF from SPDR already has… USDV as an example).


PS: Deleted my original post in the giant request thread.

Hey, @adriantc - we’ve made the necessary adjustments and SPYD will be available for fractional trading in the next few minutes.

Not at all. I’ll forward the request along and update you once done :white_check_mark:

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Thanks a lot @B.E. I wanted to bring up one more thing (I mentioned this to the live support with a different occasion)… the fractional label setting seems to have gone missing when the Android app was updated a few months ago. I remember there was a toggle somewhere in settings, but now there is none so from the app there is no way to know if a symbol is fractional or not.

Given that most instruments on the platform are already fractional, we decided the indicator wasn’t necessary and had it removed altogether.

If, however, you come across exceptions like SPYD - feel free to let us know, and we’ll take care of them immediately :handshake:

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