Fractional shares on S&P 500 EUR

I would like to invest in the S&P 500 in EUR. However, the iShares Core S&P 500 EUR doesn’t allow us to buy fractional units and the price for one unit is around 270€.
Would it be possible to buy fractional units for this ETF anytime soon?

There are two versions. The one you mention is an accumulating version. IUSA (traded in GBX) is distributing and can be purchased with fractional shares. They pay dividends each quarter.

Sure, but I would like to purchase the one traded in EUR, not in GBX :slight_smile:

There is the SXR8 on Xetra (Germany) in EUR (acc).

I know that, I was just requesting the fractional shares feature on this etf :slight_smile:

what is the dividend yield


This one is in USD, as I already typed here, I would like to trade in EUR :slight_smile:

It’s the same fund. All information on their website is only shown in USD. Blackrock is American.

At the link @chantal has posted the yield is stated as 1.64%. This is the same no matter in which currency the fund trades. As has been discussed previously, currency conversion cost is so tiny that you will notice no practical difference between investing in a version priced in USD, EUR or GBP. Gains are unaffected by currency movements of EUR/GPB. The GBP version is the one that has the greatest volume of trades per day and smaller spread.

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Thanks for the explanation!
Would you recommend invest in the S&P 500 in GBP or US?
(I use EUR)

Both IUSA and IUSD are IE0031442068. This fund is smaller in size than Vanguard’s VUSA (also VUSD). But it will really make little difference whether you choose to invest in the GBP or USD version. Sometimes larger funds trade with smaller spread - but not so great as to matter if you are a long term investor.

The largest S&P 500 tracker available in Europe is CSP1 (CSPX) which is an accumulating fund. Hargreaves Lansdown quote indicative spread on CSP1 as 0.02%, but on VUSA 0.05%, VUSD 0.06%, IUSA 0.03% and IDUS 0.02%. I think it is the small spread on CSP1 that makes it popular with traders.

I have investments in both VUSA and IUSA, partly as a matter of controlling capital gains tax liability. I can switch from one to the other to harvest capital gains efficiently.

A good place to study ETFs is, where you can find information like this:


Hi Richard, what`s the best way to invest in ETF S&P 500, is VUSA ok ?

I`m looking to allocate between 5k-6k GBP to S&P 500 etf, for a long term.


Hi. I use both VUSA and IUSA. Both are good. But I also invest in US stocks directly. You should think about your tax situation - will the dividends be coming to an ISA or to a taxable account?

See my post about dividends

If VUSA pays 1.51% and the fee is 0.07%, this means the raw dividend yield of the S&P 500 is (1.51+.07)/.85=1.86%. This explains why the dividend yield of SPY is 1.9% - because no 15% US withholding tax is taken off. But since we can’t invest in that VUSA is a good option.