Etf Request : Xetra VUSA

Pleas add an euro version of VUSA Etf.

Xetra has a VUSA etf that costas a lot cheaper than the only S&P 500 etf available in euro.
It’s t.e.r is only 0,07% against the 0,20% from xtrackers.


I’ve had asked this already few weeks ago :disappointed:


Yes pls, we want this!! :cry:

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VUSA on LSE is already on T212, no?
OCF/TER is 0.07%
Is it the trading in Euros you want? As the Xetra versus Lse versions charge the same.

That’s it. I want it in euros

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Yes, VUSA.L is already available on T212, but since I’m not from the UK, I need the EUR version, which is VUSA.DE on Xetra.

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I am also looking for the same. Did they add this already?


not yet :cry:
hopefully soon, after the mid May update

I was just going to ask for the same.

Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS ETF (VUSA .DE)

I am surprised that this popular ETF is not on the platform already, so I support your request.

The German version is not… the British one yes.
Remember… T212 is based on the UK, their primary focus is there, not in Europe. :man_shrugging:

Are they not in Romania?

It is worth noting that any difference you will see between owning VUSA.L and VUSA.DE will be mainly cosmetic. Since there is no currency exchange fee on T212 you will obtain the same profit and loss no matter which of these you hold. The market value will be displayed to you in your base currency, so appear the same for 100 shares of either version of VUSA. My base currency is GBP, but I am happy to hold ETFs that are denominated in USD or EUR, given that T212 has no currency conversion fee.

Yes but Pound and dolar value change towards euro. You pay no fee but it pound starts going down you loose value in euros.

A quarta, 13/05/2020, 11:57, Richard.W via Trading 212 Community <> escreveu:

This is a common misunderstanding. In fact, the USD/GBP exchange rate has no effect on the value of 100 shares of VUSA.L after their conversion to EUR.

Suppose GBP depreciated against the USD by 5%, and EUR depreciated against USD by 1%. Then the price of VUSA.L will gain 4% relative to the price of VUSA.DE, and VUSA.DE will gain 1% relative to VUSD.L (the USD-priced equivalent of this fund). Thus 100 shares of VUSA.L or VUSD.L or VUSA.DE can always be sold for the same number of EUR. Such holdings could also be sold for the same number of GBP or same number of USD.

The important thing when buying either version of VUSA is the exchange rate variation between USD and the currency in which you live and pay tax, but it really does not matter whether you buy VUSD.L, VUSA.L or VUSA.DE, except in the cosmetic sense of seeing the value of that basket of S&P 500 companies expressed in $, £ or €, or if you had to pay significant currency exchange fees (which you don’t on T212.)

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I know that, but there is a spread in the interbank exchange rate between bid and ask. I am not worried about T212 exchange fees, unless they suddenly reintroduce them.

With ETFs in your base currency, you don’t have that worry.

I am still surprised that the Euro version of VUSA is not on the platform, given that UK is leaving the EU and Trading 212 wants to continue operating in the EU.

But this spread is about 0.0015% [correction edit 0.015%], which is completely insignificant compared to the bid/offer spread on the ETF itself or the Vanguard fee.

In fact, the greatest cost in buying VUSA is the double taxation of dividend income. Vanguard pays 15% tax on the dividends of those S&P 500 companies, deducts their 0.07% fee and pays what’s left to you as a fully taxable dividend, without the possibility of a tax credit for that 15% US tax paid. This is why the same basket of shares held personally, - if that were possible -, would pay you a dividend yield about 0.35% greater, (VOO yields 1.98%, VUSA yields 1.71%, 1.99-1.71+0.07 = 0.35).

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With 1,000,000 invested it is still 1,500 :wink:

Good point regarding taxation!

@JanPM Actually, 0.0015% x 1,000,000 = 15.

But, apologies, my memory was faulty. The spread is closer to 0.012% and so 120 on 1,000,000, or more realistically 1.2 on 10,000. See example calculations in this thread:

True! I missed the % button :blush:

I am searching for information on bid-ask spread, and was about to ask where you found your information.

But now I see that you added more to your reply.

Dollar and Euro are “universal” currencies, living in Europe I don’t want to deal with any local currency, doesn’t matter if there is minimum spread or not.