Fractional shares request for BOND ETFs and others

Hi, firstly, I believe this platform has the potential to be the best investment platform in the UK, backed by a very dedicated team, always pushing for expansion and improvements, thank you guys and keep up the good work.

I would love to have the ETF β€œINXG” added with fractional shares, and to have fractional shares on the following

SO - Southern Co. - a US utilities, staple dividend growth company

ITW - Illinois Tool Works - US industrial dividend growth company

RY - Royal Bank of Canada - another dividend grower

GILI - UK Inflation-linked Gilt ETF

Many thanks

Primarily, thank you for the acknowledgement!

SO, ITW & RY are already available for fractions! INXG & GILI will be available in our next bundle of securities!

Cheers! :v:

@Joseph GILI & INXG are available as fractional shares now.