Fractional shares (Request)

@Martin @David @PeterA
Could you please make the below mentioned stocks fractional.

UTHR:united therepuetics :Nasdaq
HALO:Halozyme : Nasdaq
AVIR:Atea pharma:Nasdaq
CTXR:acitius pharma:Nasdaq
VNDA:Vanda pharma:Nasdaq
NYMX: Nymox pharma: Nasdaq
EVLO : evelo Bioscience :Nasdaq
EBS : Emergent Biosolutions :NYSE

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WHo is making them fractional NASDAQ or 212 ?

I did not look into it, can u do the research and give us the answer please.

i guess t212.

@David @Martin @PeterA please add them

Check if u can trade them on NASDAQ or NYse and if on other platforms is allowed.
Not all shares are fractional.

I have seen these same stocks available in fractional form for other trading platforms, so i would assume t212 could also do it.If they can’t i hope they show the courtesy to mention it.

@PeterA @Martin @David Please acknowledge

@David @Martin @PeterA