[Fractional Stock Requests] 6 tickers

Hi guys,

I would love to have this stocks as fractional shares and I think they are very popular and that others should want them as fractional share as well.

APH - Amphenol Corporation
DOV - Dover Corp
ECL - Ecolab Inc.
GWW - W W Grainger Inc
NOC - Northrop Grumman Corporation
TROW - T. Rowe Price Group Inc

Best regards


@Martin I’ve watching you adding some fractional shares, can you add this ones?
You can reduce the list to ECL and TROW.

PLEASE :pray: Needed to my pie :slight_smile:

@Team212 @George @Martin can you please at least make TROW min quantity buy 1… I want to add them to my portfolio but I don’t want to add 2 of them.
If you can’t make it fractional, just make it min order 1