Frontier Developments Plc (£FDEV)

Gaming software firm that’s been open 20 years and currently trades on AIM. It’s made some great progress and actually ridden to highs during the coronavirus tumble. At time of writing it stands at £19.52 per share.

It has made some very good choices in terms of business security and income and looks to be promising for long term positions. They’ve recently signed exclusive development deals with formula 1 & Games Workshop, have the Jurassic Park Franchise park builder, as well as 1st party IP’s such as Space Engineers and Planet Coaster, the former of which just announced major expansion for 2021 and a content update for mid to late 2020 that will likely drive reccuring user soending.

It’s available on other platforms and is one of the few stocks that I have that isn’t available on 212 preventing me bringing my portfolio over in full. I started buying in first week of April on my previous platform (before I had given 212 a look and realised I much preferred this one) and have already seen +42.9%. would really love to bring this into the fold on 212 so I can transfer over fully.

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Have you looked for it?

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Oh man I feel foolish now. I had but it had been a couple.of weeks ago when I did


I only knew because it’s on my watchlist.

Used to play too much Elite Dangerous.

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Won’t lie, that’s how they hit my radar too. But the companies positioning itself as a strong challenger especially with the IP grabs it made recently

@Scrooge_McCodf and @SteelCityInvestor

I bought this stonk after seeing this post and researching the company. However it’s been going down the shitter for the whole time. It’s currently the biggest drag on my portfolio.

Is it still a good investment or did some negative news come out that I’m not aware of?

As with anything it can go up as well as down. My intention is to hold this long term. They’ve not had any bad news that I can see. They have recently released one free expansion for their game and some news about an upcoming paid expansion but nothing major news wise aside form that so some settlement is going to be expected. This is one of the few stocks of mine that’s mostly fueled by my belief in the company and its products but it’s got strong signals (for what I look for anyway) also.

To me it seems that it may have simply settled somewhat after riding a little high. They revised their forecasts for 2020 after a boost in revenue as a result of coronavirus lockdowns which is what triggered the large growth spurt from the £12’s region back in April. To me this pull back is what I’d expect but if you look at analyst forcasts peel hunt just reiterated a buy with a target of 2073p.

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Yeah all these stock picker websites like simply wall Street etc have given quite positive ratings. I guess I got in at the literal all time high. Bad timing.