GBP/CAD May Drop Soon

GBP/CAD May Drop Soon

Hello there Trading212 CFD’s traders? Hope you’re all doing well!

Recently, the GBP/CAD pair stuck in an extremely important region.

Remember that supports and resistances are Price REGIONS, not lines with a specific price (although Forex pairs love round prices)

In my humble analysis, I would like to show you my sincere look at this pair (GBP / CAD)

Daily Chart

  • Note:
    From a daily perspective, we can see that the price has been fluctuating between ~ 1.72 and ~ 1.77 from a good time already.
    It tried to break it in ~ March, 2020 but it refused, sending it back to the important region.

Weekly Chart

  • Note:
    If you notice, the pair can go down more easily than trying to break it up.
    By the way, it keeps trying to break it up since 2017 !!!

What I’m personally looking for?

If I’m shorting from here, I’d clearly set my exit near to ~ 1.60 and the protection using ATR indicator with the value of 10 as the period.

But how about you!?
Have you been looking at this pair recently?
What do you think about it?

GBP/CAD goes…
  • Bull
  • Bear

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:thinking: I’m just using my phone so plotting the bid here but I can see the crossover of the 50 EMA and 200 EMA in the weekly, and I can see the rough support and resistance it’s been pinging between.

Looks like a tough call

:point_up_2: The march 2020 is pretty clear, and the massive indecisive doji on the monthly

Looks like it’s bang on the rolling year.

I’m going bear.

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Thank you for your feedback as well as for sharing your chart! :heart:

The RSI is flaty too :thinking:.

Yeah, it has been definitely hanging for a while.

It can be a quite risky to join right now, but in long time I believe it has more chances of going down, besides AO stucks XD.

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