GBP Hedged Shares


Last year I asked about a GBP hedged version of the S&P as I wanted the avoid the currency exchange effects, and was kindly told about IGUS is S&P 500 GBP Hedged (Acc) which is exactly was looking for.

Is anyone aware of any option to also buy GBP hedged Tesla shares?


try the leveraged shares and granite shares products like TSLA on the LSE although a caveat that they are meant to be for short term holding only. do your research please but i use those for the exact same reason as you mentioned

Short answer: no. There are no such products.
Listings you may find in a different currency, such as the Leverage Shares suggested here, are not currency hedged.
And it’s pretty terrible advice to ask for a hedged product and be recommended a leveraged one… :upside_down_face:

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Thanks got it - but that’s why we ask questions on communities like this one, where the answers and advice is vetted by many people like you so we can all learn - thanks!

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wouldn’t the leveraged ones traded in GBP be invariably hedged in GBP when the underlying security is in USD?


Only if the descriptive document specifically mention the position to be hegde, and generally it would appear in the name of the product too.

Having different listings in different currencies by itself does nothing to hedge against FX fluctuations, your final performance in your own currency will be identical (minus product fees).

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Just search in JustETF website.

For example, I found 20 ETFs GBP Hedged with a focus in US Equities, including S&P 500:

I never heard of individual shares being currency hedged. Maybe a derivative contract or a structured finance product, but most probably only for professional/institutional investors.

The available currency hedged financial instruments for retail investors are mutual/investment funds and ETFs.

Maybe some asset management firm would issue currency hedged single stock ETPs for retail investors, but I doubt that due to economic and business reasons (e.g. costs, AUM or investor traction).

Thanks, very useful info.