General help &, Ishares electric vehicles ETF

Hi All,

I am New to investing. Im holding Taylor Wimpy, Centrica and Amazon at present.

Keen to add an ETF to the mix, has anyone got any thoughts on the ishares electric vehicles ETF. Sounded great but when i look at the holdings i can only see 10 companies and only 2 of them stand out for me… Telsa and Nikola… I was hoping for more a mix, ie NIO.

I will be adding about £100per month to my portfolio… Would you say its best to build up some Volume in the companies i currently hold, addan ETF or continue to spread thin and diversify?


I have bought neither Tesla nor Nikola but Arcimoto and Blink Charging.

There is too large a gap in relative Market caps between the holdings, if you were to weight it on MC or SP, then Tesla would have a ridiculous %, I would need to look into the weighting % first.

I don’t think there is enough stability in that specific sector to warrant a tracker, in my opinion.

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