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Globus Medical (NYSE: GMED) is an old-school medical device company that’s becoming a new-school robotic surgery company. Globus, which was established in 2003, sells more than 190 musculoskeletal devices, from screws, rods, and plates to bone fillers and instruments used in various spinal procedures. Those legacy products make up a bulk of the company’s revenue at the moment.

The 2014 acquisition of Excelsius Surgical launched Globus into the robotic surgery space. The acquisition culminated in the 2017 FDA approval of the ExcelsiusGPS platform, which integrates imaging, navigation, and robotics (INR) into one system.

Minimally invasive robotic surgery is the future of surgery, and Globus is one of the few competitors to Intuitive Surgery which has seen explosive growth over the last few years.

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