Good Game/Gaming Stock?

I’ve been looking through some mobile game stocks and a few developers, Is take- Two a better buy than Nintendo? Or are they not comparable? I want to find one that has good potential to grow in the next few years, which they Both seem like great options, the only mobile game company I found was Zynga and not too sure what to make of them.

On the individual stocks you would really need to do your own indepth research on the companies future stategy and financial position to decide what is the best one.

If you think the gaming market is going to grow as a whole then you might want to consider the VanEck Vectors Video Game and eSports ETF. That would give you diversified exposure to the video game market.


I think the main difference between Take Two and Nintendo is that Nintendo also sells consoles so they are not exactly on the same level.

There are 3 large game companies: Take Two, Activision, and EA. I have positions in Take Two and Activision but I would also suggest that you do your own due diligence.

I am not interested in mobile gaming specifically but I can hint to Sea Limited which is active in mobile gaming in South East Asia, but they are not a pure play gaming company as they also operate in e-commerce sector. I guess they would focus on e-commerce more in following years when they become profitable in that sector. It is also easy to scale a e-commerce business than a gaming company I guess.

Developing hit mobile games are relatively easier which enables many small or new companies to develop git games. So there might not be large dominating companies in this sector compared to computer/console gaming. Investing in game engines can be a good approach as almost all mobile games use same couple of game engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine.


You could also try doing a cheeky phone call to a couple of gaming shops and say you are thinking of buying your grandson some games which ones are the best in their opinion, then ask if they are selling well etc.
Bare in mind though they might just try and sell you the more expensive and they might not be the best, also look on eBay and Amazon and see if the games are selling well on there too.

Compare brands on google trends could help

Here’s whats in my gaming pie. Can’t say this has performed particularly strong since I created it a month ago, but most of these have major titles upcoming which should push them higher. Note that Microsoft acquiring Bethesda Software means they are now also a major games developer. I don’t particularly like EA though its probbaly a safe bet as well.


@Cap_D, you mentioned Microsoft, they have gone back in to the flight simulator world again, they have a new sim out now that has excellent graphics, it is available on STEAM and from what I’ve read it is a kind of subscription type game.
Their older flight was was FSX and that is a few years old now so a lot of simmers will be looking at this new one.
There is a few YouTube videos about it as well.

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