H&R GmbH & Co KGaA Aktie / Symbol: 2HRA / ISIN: DE000A2E4T77


can you please add this share as fractional. The share is traded on the exchanges in Germany. For example Xetra.

Noted, @Shorty68DE. I’ll let you know once we review the request.

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Any news of this request, @Bogi.H ?

Not yet, @Shorty68DE, but I’ll keep you posted.

@Bogi.H Have you any news for this request?

@Shorty68DE, we have in mind your request :pray: Next week, I’ll have more info on whether we can add the instrument.

Any news of my request, @Bogi.H ?

I’m sorry for the delay, @Shorty68DE. We’ve added H&R GmbH & Co KGaA (2HRA) and it’s now available for trading :raised_hands:

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Hello @Bogi.H ! Thank you for your efforts!!

Can you also make the share fractional please?

Sure, it’s done :white_check_mark: Enjoy!

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