Help with my pie (yes another :p)

Hey everyone I’d like to ask if anyone would mind having a little look at my pie and my plans for me

Goal for this pie is circa 25 years drip fed. I’m 30 live in the UK decent income and I’m not realisticaly going to need the money asap so I’m happy for this to be a long term thing that’s just automated.

Allocation % could probably use some tweaking too

I did think of including some specific UK 250/100 while they’re depressed or some Sri emerging markets but the ftse all world does cover these. (The msci world excludes em so I dont know if I should add a specific to weight that more or just leave it to the ftse)

Theres some heavy replication I think in the USA stocks but that seems to be a key thing for growth.

I went with the momentum funds as they have outperformed the indexes and the momentum ideology does seem to make sense to me. (dont try to be clever just follow the moving trends) Also it means the exposure will change over time without me having to change sector/country focus.

I went with the clean energy and robotics/automation because I think over the next 25 years these are going to be heavy growth industries.

I know theres no bonds atm I’m effectively using the all world index for “safety” and in 25 years I will look to moving to a more short term security.

I’m not depending on this for my pension etc this is more my “hopefully retire a few years early/my savings account gets less interest than I do at a bar” kind of thing.

Thanks for any help guys I know you all must be getting sick of these threads.

Also is there a site I can plug the portfolio in and actually get a cumulative holdings/exposure breakdown. I tried just etf and it’s not on the free version and from what I can tell not a paid feature. Morningstar cray looked like it would do it but it just gives a 404 error when trying.

I really really really do not want to have to download all the pdfs and make a massive holdings spreadsheet and calculator so I can play with percentages.

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Specifically for EU ETFs. Should be just what you need.

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Great thanks Matt, I ran it through that, it didn’t have the momentum USA etf so I substituted its 10% into the Nasdaq for a rough estimate

From these results it seems I have a lot of overlap/correlation.

Do you think it may be better to ditch the ftse move its share into the world momentum and maybe add an emerging markets for diversity?

I can’t advise you on that, I would probably myself though.

Edit: looking at the values, the momentum is high risk but fairly low return. Maybe consider adding more into QQQ as that is lower risk and high return? Though it is your money so you need to do the research and make the decisions, I can’t help on that sorry :slight_smile:

Oh sorry yes I know not to take anything here as financial advice and I wouldn’t just go by somone’s word I’ll avoid phrasing things like that in future heh.

Do you mean the world momentum or the USA momentum, that is a good point I had only compared the USA momentum index against the msci USA index not against the Nasdaq. It performed very well compared to the msci USA most years.

I will go check it vs Nasdaq.

Thanks for the tool link it showed me the 2018 financial dip that I had been blissfully unaware of until now.

Given the long term of this portfolio i hadn’t really factored in any hedging etc.

With gold/precious metals being so high atm I didnt really want to add them now as it feels like they will have to come down over the course of 2 decades but I’m unsure.

I did think about technical metals, rare earths, rhodium/paladium/iridium which have a ongoing growth market (TV screens/electronics/evs) which could help their price long term.

Financial institutions seem down atm in Europe especially but they seem so volatile they’re maybe best kept as a seperate instrument and not in this pie.

Sorry for the long posts the other half is now refusing to listen to me ramble about this so you guys are on the hook now.

Lithium and iron/steel are also pretty good commodities, copper can do well but I’ve not really seen anything on T212. I haven’t looked though so might be there.

I’m glad I could help by pointing you to that tool. It’s one I came across while looking for something similar for EU listed stocks, there’s plenty for US stocks but very little for EU/UK ones sadly.

Oh replacing cropped image hadnt noticed that

trumpet emojis

Ok made some changes adding a bit of UK and em and s&p and removing all world and adjusted ratios.

Backdated tool seems to be missing quite a few etfs (also some are fairly new so not sure) emailed the guy who runs the tool so we’ll see.

But anyone wish to give any thoughts?

I suppose this could be viewed as my “equity pie” and I should make a bit of a commodities/bond pie in years to come

I’m not sure if I should reduce the clean energy and robotics a bit and move the extra % to the bigger funds but they do seem to bring good returns and are a bit more global in what’s otherwise a heavily USA portfolio.

As it’s long term though I shouldn’t be too concerned about currency fluctuations right?

Yeah wouldn’t worry about currency fluctuations, you could leave it as-is and see how it does. If some fund is not living up to your expectations in 3-5 years you can swap it out for something else based on the current world focus at the time.