Help with public pie sharing please

I’ve tried raising this with support but it was like speaking another language as they just couldn’t get what I was on about.

So you create a pie and fund it. You then have the option to share it by switching on the button.
My understanding is that at this point the pie should be findable in the pie library, yes?
So you should also see this listed in the section for saved pies?

This is blank. As per images below. Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone see this pie from me in the library without using the text link?

Thank you

Hi @Davey,

The ‘Saved’ Category which you refer to gathers pies that you manually select from users who have shared them deliberately. Here’s how it works:

When you share your personal Pie, it will not be displayed in the Saved section, rather, in the New tab of the Pie Library. To gain quick access to its comments, views and copies you can simply go to your Pie section and view all those details from the ‘Sharing’ tab.

Thank you for that. Misunderstanding sorry. My interaction over a support request on the topic didn’t manage to clear it up.