Hi need some urgent advise here

Hi, i am seriously losing money instead of gaining and its been a week, do i wait or delete of i cancel the orders i placed the money i loose will be £4000 app, please need assistance.

You’re not going to get any help with this I’m afraid.


My advice would be to cut your losses as much as poss, chalk it up as a lesson learned and never touch these types of instruments again.

Buy VWRP and chill.


I think of CFDs as basically gambling. Open an Invest or ISA account (depending which country you’re in) and invest with a low-cost ETF, with maybe a few stocks in good companies (after due diligence), is the best bet. Good luck.


Not our place to offer individual financial advice here. It’s one thing warning people of an individual instrument/stock or giving opinions on stocks and such, but tell you how to execute your orders/accept a loss not for me thanks.

I’d stay away from CFD’s unless you have some money to gamble you dont care to lose, which I a guessing isn’t the case here, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking.


What are you afraid of?
Don’t be scared