Holds for the next decade or more

Like Warren buffet says, you only need 3 extraordinary businesses/stocks to change your life which will compound year on year.

Which tickers will you hold for the next decade or two?

Personally I want to find the next Berkshire but don’t want to miss out on the tech growth either hence the below-

  1. $bomn
  2. #PSH
  3. #SMT

I feel the management for all three is world class and will drive value over a long period of time. I don’t need to chase other hype stocks too much.

I do like genomics but can’t see the clear winner, so I’ll wait to add a 4th. I also have some smaller holdings which I will be in and out over a shorter timeframe like $SRAC $STPK $kbnt #amc (Amur) and #ika

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#UPWK / FVRR (pick one of them)

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Ive held 3/4 but have gone for smaller market caps. All quality business’s with a long way to run though. Tesla will always tempt me :sweat_smile:

The big mistake I made not putting cash into Square when it crashed in March. I’ve been a big fan of their work for years. Never thought it’d bounce back to $260+ this quick.


I’m blaming myself for not buying more UPWK / FVRR.

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Interesting discussion. I had high hopes of Alphabet becoming a tech-focused Berkshire, but the company appears to have swerved away from that strategy somewhat.

Outside the usual suspects, a couple of growth stocks that I think don’t get enough love and I plan to continue to hold for the next decade or two: DexCom and KE Holdings.

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3 more:

  • Telefonica
  • Danone
  • Nokia