How to: export positions + official T212 document for tax declaration?


I was wondering if it is possible to export (in a .csv or .xslx format) all the positions visible in the result section (for both CFD & Invest part)?

Also, is there a way to have a document from T212 showing the benefits made over the year for tax declaration ?

I think both of those features are really necessary !



Currently there isn’t an export feature. I checked and thus requested for the feature to be added in one of my threads in the feature requests category.

As for documentation, I know that besides daily reports, I received a monthly summary that displays the position I closed and their results (total gain/loss for those positions) in one table and another table for positions that remain open (and thus there are no profits that are taxable as they are still just valuations/paper-money) followed by the account summary detailing all fees, deposits, withdrawals etc.

monthly statement really should be enough to do your calculations in regards to tax statements, but I can see the appeal in a single report that has done all the math for you (I just wouldn’t know if this would be by tax year or calendar year and whether it would come in time for filing taxes). I did request a profile section where these could be toggled/selected so you can control which of the reports you get as my email sees quite the sizeable influx of T212 emails in comparison to all my other senders. Currently seems you can only adjust the notifications if you spot the link at the bottom of the emails and not everyone does look at the fine print there xD

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In the Invest Account on the App, when I look at sold history on each individual sale, is the result figure the capital gain / loss ?

Hello everyone,

If wrote a simple tool to export all transactions into CSV and JSON format. I wanted to import to Yahoo Finance so, the CSV is compatible with that. Obviously, this can be used for tax declarations as well.

Check it out here -

Hi Paulo,

You can use the Chrome extension Trading212 CSV exporter - Chrome Web Store

The Chrome extension allows you to export to a CSV file your Holdings, Dividends, and Orders.
You can export Dividends and Orders to a CSV for a specific time period by selecting a start date and end date. Now you can also display a graph of Dividends and Orders for a specific time period.

Thanks, will try it!