Export data to csv

Can we have the ability to export transactions to a cvs file?

Ticker, price, shares, currency, exchange rate etc ?


I would also like to export holdings information to a csv.


I would also like this. In fact, I think it’s irresponsible of Trading 212 not to offer trading history as a csv download.


Someone wrote a means to pull your trades into google sheets. You could look at that in the interim?

It could be both CSV and XLS/XLSX. :wink:


I’m surprised this basic feature isn’t available to be honest.

Oh very nice, I will try this while we wait for Trading 212 to add the feature.


I have tried copying the email content and pasted in excel and voila, it got displayed as expected in excel table!!!

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Hello everyone,

If wrote a simple tool to export all transactions into CSV and JSON format. I wanted to import to Yahoo Finance so, the CSV is compatible with that.

Check it out here - https://praveendath92.medium.com/export-trading212-transactions-as-csv-yahoo-finance-298db9892a43


Any news on the development? Its a basic feature that should be available


This chrome extension:

Allows you to export to a CSV file your Holdings, Dividends, and Orders. You can export Dividends and Orders to a CSV for a specific time period by selecting a start date and end date.

Please check the video for details: https://youtu.be/-gxg3eYAA7k


Just tried it, but then realised it doesn’t seem to pick up if an order is a buy/sell. Fairly basic item missing.

Looks like T212 have implemented the export to CSV functionality but its not compatible with Yahoo Finance. Do you mind sharing the Yahoo finance csv format so I can manually ammend it?

The full source code is linked to in the post. I will check the official offering and if it outputs all transactions, I might look into writing a translator for Yahoo Finance.

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Tested this, the data is not formatted correctly for all transactions (see line 11).

Why would this be added to mobile but not desktop?

It supports the buy/sell distinction here’s the output:

You may have an older version of the chrome extension.

For desktop, you can use the chrome extension:

anyone found a way to obtain the avg price ? I cannot find it doing an avg sum with excel

you need to do a sum if on the cost of purchases, divided by sum if of the units purchased. My Google Sheet portfolio tracker tracks bookcost and units, so you can tweak that to get your average price.

Mind sharing the formula because I cannot find the way