How to open a Chart on full screen?

I have been trying to find out how to open the chart in full screen mode but I can not do it. I know (have been reading) it says there is an option on top left side but I can’t find it. Does it has to do with the browser?

I would appreciate if someone would have a specific screenshot to see where is that button on desktop app (for windows).

Thank you!

Hi @Tbada - the option you’re mentioning is only accessible on the legacy app. In the new web app’s advanced view, you can enlarge the chart by dragging the tabs to the far corners of the screen:



Thank you KrisG but that I know. What I mean is really 100% full screen like on Tradingview for example. Is that possible?

Not at the moment, I’m afraid.

Well, it stays the suggestion. It is a bit a waste of resources when you have a graphic chart provided by Tradingview (or something like that) and you can not even use it in full screen mode. It would be usefull for “research” purposes and user’s confort.

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