How to take Profit?

I’m in the uk but noted, thanks for the tip Abel.

Great then I second what @cavanhagan suggested going with an ISA.

Just to expand on what he said about the benefits compared to Invest. In an ISA there is less administration in that you do not have to take note of the price you paid for shares/ETFs and the price you sold the shares/ETFs for working out capital gain/losses.

It is easy to do with 1 share/ETF but if you are building a portfolio of 20-30 it is a lot more complicated. Especially if you are investing on a regular basis

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Here :slight_smile: sorry not trying to self promote but if I’m recommending places to go learn about investing of course I’m going to mention it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

First one is always free. Considering yourself lucky.

Now, go back and try CFDs with your practice account and you’ll quickly learn how easy it is to oblierate your money off the face of the earth.

Stick with the invest section for a while. It’s a whole different emotion dealing with CFDs.


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Yeah I totally get the difference now, a lot riskier and prices fluctuate more.