Should I Sell My Investment?

I am using the ISA Platform and It’s been doing good today and might make profit but was wondering if I’m supposed to sell it if it does or hold onto it? It’s an ETF Dividend Stock

Sometimes I feel like I am in nightmare movie, which never ends… :man_facepalming:


it says your return in minus! id hold.

Where do these people come from. Also, it’s £10.17 thats a craft pint in London. lol

sorry dick thing to say but come on…do your research and have a little common sense, what benefit will you get if you sell now?



I ask myself that question maybe a hundred times a day, and never get a definite answer!

Uh huh yup good point I meant if it DOES MAKE PROFIT THINK HYPOTHETICALLY!

But also does it not pay profit automatically or does it have to earn a certain amount for a payout?

to take profit you have to sell some of your position.

I have read some or your other posts…and i think you should take all your money out and practice and read books about investing.

Okay fair point, I’ve been reading an investment book but I’ll probably switch to practice mode for a while and get more perspective otherwise I’ll be asking the same questions all the time

First thing you have to decide is to pee or poo, aka invest or trade. But as said, withdraw all money and use practice account while getting educated and stay clear of CFD account.


Yeah Id rather hold investments rather than doing trading but I’m guessing you can still trade in invest and ISA instead of invest but only after figuring out a good method?

Why did you choose UK Dividend?

depends what you mean by trading…do you mean day trading? This can be done in any platform, but really. You should not be thinking about Trading at all.

If you’re asking if you should sell your investment whilst it “might” make a profit…you should move away from any platform. Read, watch and learn about investing…I feel if you let yourself loose on a platform you’re going to get it very wrong.

If you really want to give T212 a go. Stick to the Invest ISA platform, and put your money into a global ETF such as VWRL or SAWD set up auto invest…and forget it! Check it once a month or something and watch your money grow.

I only chose Uk Dividend Because I thought it was supposed to be a long term Investment, It was a more high risk investment but I was struggling to find any with less risk, but if it’s not worth it I will likely sell it and Check out VWRL and SAWD.

You want no / less risk…put your money in a savings account.

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Could do but There’s Stocks that exist with lower risk rates than others so I don’t get what you mean?

Also Would either of these be Better than my Current?

Can i be rude and ask the following:

  • your age
  • what are your investment goals
  • how much capital are you willing to invest / potentially loose

I would personally avoid the UK market. It’s returns are poor, but i can tell you wont listen, as i have suggested two global ETFs and now you’re suggesting a europe one.

I dont want to be a dick…but i also dont want you to make a devastating life changing mistake.

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Okay I kinda Get what you mean, and I am just looking for a decent long term investment, I am willing to listen it’s just cuz I get too optimistic too quickly and forget it’s not that simple, I’m over 18 but never used stocks before but one day probably a good couple weeks back I decided to get the app and look into it. I was extremely naive at the start but now I’m being more strict with myself and taking my time. I could Invest in the Vanguard Stock you mentioned. whether or not it does well I’d be able to cover the cost if I saved extra Money for it, But following what you said about the Uk Market, I had absolutely no idea and will definitely be taking the time to look into all markets. But thanks for the honest advice.

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this the one?

If you want big profits in the next 5/10 years put the money in TSLA.
If you want safety, under the mattress seems like a good spot.
It all depends on your risk tolerance.

read these:

For now…just buy a global ETF such as VWRL / SAWD and forget about investing…and read up on things and learn about things such as the fundamentals.

Those two ETFs cover the global markets so you’re very well diversified. Pick one and ONLY one…Put what you want into it and spend the rest of your time off the T212 platform and spend your time wisely reading up on the fundamentals about being in the market and investing in general.

Treat your investing like a business, where do you want to be in the next 5 years…if you’re putting £10 in you wont be rich over night but in 5 - 10 years if you keep putting money into just that one ETF you may have a nice little lump sum…but again you wont get rich.