IAG worth a gamble?

Do you think this is worth a gamble after equity raise?

The price is tempting but the wait isn’t.
Pan Am airways went before, what’s saying this couldn’t.

For a bit of fun, you could put a little bet on, but I wouldn’t be putting on anymore than 3 figures. :upside_down_face: Who knows …

That’s what I was thinking, maybe a couple hundred. Just out of interest what is the best time to buy, before the equity raise or after, like general rule of thumb.


Normally the saying: “buy the rumor, sell the news” applies.

I’ve seen it so many times where buying just before some news gets announced is the best time, then once it comes through, sell on the news. Sometimes you end up cutting your profits early though, it all depends on what your after.

Your call on that one - it’s a gamble :smiley:

Any good forums for rumours

At this rate and price, the equity raise might be a 1:1 share rise :sweat_smile:. (Doubling the number of shares)

You can gamble it if you like. But why this gamble and not any other gamble? Why not gamble on Livongo continuing to power on or Alphabet to recover its Friday dip or Facebook to shoot the moon?

Btw the more reasons you come up with the less it’s a genuine gamble

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