Im new and need abit of help

Hello everyone I’m new and need a bit of help ive opened an invest account, and my goal is to just at one point amount up to 1k invested into that account and then just focus on my ISA while i learn abit more… but im confused will i need to Pay a yearly CGT on the 1k sitting there even if it hasnt hit the 6k limit/ whatever the limit is now.

Also can i contribute to the trading 212 ISA and My Halfiax ISA Bonus Saver

I appreciate everyone help and advice :pray:

The CGT threshold is £6,000 for the 2023/2024 tax year (so until April 2024) and is then £3,000 for the next tax year. That is the threshold for profit so you would need to make £6,000 in this tax year to start to pay capital gains tax.

I am not sure why you would put money in an invest account if you can fund an ISA instead. Obviously that assumes you haven’t already contributed the maximum amount into an ISA this year.

If you have money to put into investments then it is much better to put it into the ISA because the annual allowance doesn’t roll over.

EDIT: I think the present ISA rules are that you can only put money into one of each type of ISA in each tax year but I think that changes from 5 April. So at the moment you cannot put money into two different share ISA in the same tax year but I believe you can put money into a cash ISA and a shares ISA in the same year subject to the maximum overall limit of £20k

Yeah i was ready moments back its best i do the ISA and csn i comtribute to my bank one still while doing the trading 212 only if it doesnt hit ghe 20k limit?

Also anyway to transfer my money from the invest account to the isa one

I currently have a isa bonus saver with halifax it isnt a shares/stocks one

you seem to have some keyboard issues :slight_smile: That aside:

It is easy within T212 to transfer from one type of account to another - ie from an invest account to the ISA. However, you shouldn’t transfer from your ISA back to the invest because you are then removing the money from the ISA tax wrapper and if you then later transfer it back into the ISA you will have used some of your 20k allowance.

Im typing from my mobile sorry about that, thank-you if i put in 20k and i some how managed to make 30k on top of that, that wouldn’t be CGT due to it being in a ISA correct?

I am not sure I understand the question (I hate typing on my mobile so understand)

If you put money into an ISA then it doesn’t create income or capital gains tax liability. You can have withholding tax on foreign dividends but that’s a minor point.

So if you put 20k into a shares isa and invested in something that increase 5x and had 100k there is no tax. You can leave it in the isa, withdraw all of in one go or withdraw a bit at a time it doesn’t matter it’s tax free.

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Thank-you appreciate your help