Increasing watchlist limit

Any chance we could have the watchlist limit increased from the cap of 40? In this time of the market I like to have a very big watchlist!

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I personally go around this by splitting my watchlist into categories which I can easily access (e.g. biotech, mining, cyber). Hope this helps.

Hi @Fabi0, I suggest you do the same as @cezar - group your instruments into several watchlists. This will actually make it easier for you to keep track of your instruments because you won’t have to struggle by scrolling through one very long list.

You can create more watchlist by using this button:

Thank you George, I didn’t think of just making more watchlists as I’m more used to just scroll. But that works too. thanks for the answer and keep making this app/website great!:smiley:

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Even with multiple watchlist it would be cool to increase limit. Not sure what is the purpose of limit?

I would like to be able to have DJI list, or Stoxx 50, Dividend Aristocrats list, my porfolio watchlist.

All of those require 40+

It would also be cool to be able to search through Watchlist, also sort stocks via Alphabetical order, lowest from 52 week highs , sort by Metrics like P/E or P/FFO

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@Vedran makes good points here. Would be nice to be able to sort stocks based on our preferences

@Vedran, yes I agree about the limit. We are working on some optimisations that will also allow us to increase that limit :slight_smile:

Adding a filter in the search screen is also in our backlog :slight_smile:


Hello @George,

Have you got any updates (ETA?) to share in terms of removing the watchlist limit?

I’ve already organised my watchlist in sections like Automotive, Finance, Tech, etc, but due to the 40 stocks limit I need to also have Tech #2, etc…

I know it’s maybe a silly feature, but I really can’t wait for the removal of the limit :grin:

Thank you!