Index's & Pie (Autoinvesting)

Hello Team,

I just want to clarify, if there is intention to allow import/mimic S&P 500 index via Pie feature?

I believe ETF double taxation of dividend is something majority of investors would like to avoid.

When I ask mimic/import, I dont mean for person to browse s&p 500 holdings and manually enter same holdings, but more of t212 integration where you have list of premade popular index which one can just import to pie?

If not in pipe, is there a chance for such feature in future?



We’ve been told that this is on the road map.

@George wrote: “I’ll share one of our future ideas regarding the pies. We plan to connect to a data feed that will allow us to show the exact holdings of each ETF on its instrument page. This data will also allow us to put a ‘Generate Pie’ button there which will create a pie with the same holdings as the ETF’s. Moreover, this pie’s targets will be synced to the real ETF’s distribution percentages.”

See here.


Thanks for the link, I remember reading. Would be cool if team could do some follow up once Pie feature is released, to get sense on what is next, as from the post it is “idea” so not sure if this is something we can expect in 2020… :slight_smile:

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