Pie in a pie Question


I know this functionality is not out yet even in beta, but when it does how will this work?

Will we be able to add existing pies into new pies? Existing pies into other existing pies? Only able to add a new pie into existing pies? Have to enter a pie then add a new pie? Drag and drop pies into each other? That last one would be pretty cool.

I’m really looking forward to this feature so I’d just like to have some kind of idea how it will work.

Keep up the good work!

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I feel this is appropriate


I think there was similar discussion previously.


So drag and drop may be a possibility, and here I was thinking it was a pipe dream. That’s good to know, thanks for the link :grinning:

Maybe it’s all a pie dream :pie: :sleeping:

Okay I’ll stop with the bad dad jokes.

What I think would be awesome would be the ability to take 5 existing pies for example and make those old pies into each a slice of one master pie. Then I just invest a set amount into the master pie and decide what % of that total investment goes to each min pie(the current pies we have) which in turn then splits that amount into each slice of the little bitty pies.

I believe that’s what the nested pies will do

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How do I get access to the pie tab. I don’t see it in my portfolio