Interactive Brokers - ISA

The competetion is growing in UK for ISA accounts!!!
(Trading212/FreeTrade/LightYear(Coming soon)/Interactive Brokers)

Trading212 did a good move allowing new accounts.

In UK, Interactive Brokers are now allowing to create ISA account.


If this includes out of hours access, this presents a conundrum for me come April.


Do you know if they allow stop losses in the ISA over at IB

No idea - haven’t looked into any of it yet. Hoping someone here has opened one and can give us the skinny.

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I was thinking of opening it with IB for the 2022/23ISA and keep 212 without adding cash to it. Some of the delays on order executions I’ve seen make me think of moving it all over though

I have T212 and ii ISAs but would just leave them in place. My conundrum is whether I contribute to the ii one next tax year, as it is in bad shape due to the huge sell offs, so a great average down opportunity, or do I start an IBKR one and take advantage of closed market hours.

TBH I’ll probably go with the former - seems like a no brainer - and start the IBKR one in the 23/24 tax year.

That makes no sense tbh no offence, you can buy the same stocks you like in whichever broker you think is best. Averaging down in the old broker is no different to buying new positions in a different broker besides the ego might feel like you have somehow lost less :wink:


I agree… It shouldn’t make any difference in terms of averaging down. Also, you don’t pay tax in an ISA either (I know everyone knows it).

I guess the only benefit is psychological, it feels like you are less in the red?


If it doesn’t make any difference then I’ll take the psychological edge. :wink: I’d also like to dedicate different ISAs to different strategies rather than buy up the same stocks in different accounts.



I’m the same. As a LTH speed of execution is not my first priority, but more any costs, customer service, and UI.

I also like simplicity so have a three broker system at present. The additional fees with IB right now don’t make sense for me, and it is missing markets I like as well.

I’m also don’t fill my ISA until the end of the financial year. You never know how terms may change or what offers may come up.



Has anyone moved from trading 212 recently? Like how does the process work?

I mean is the process smooth easy? Say for example someone wants to move their ISA from trading 212 to interactive brokers? Do you have to go through the same registration process again?

It’s a good development. More competition more better .

I have been looking for a commission free brokerage that is like trading 212 with additional features like After Hours / Pre Market trading / Level 2 Data etc…

I’m not sure if IB offers those ? Just wished trading 212 prioritised those .


I’ve got an invest account with IB and I don’t use it much. You do get pre-market/after hours access but you need to pay for live prices.
The UI on their standard app is pretty terrible but someone on another thread mentioned they have 2 alternative (but still official) apps - IMPACT and GlobalTrade.