Introducing Communities

Hello everyone!

We’ve just released our newest social feature - Communities.

You can find it in the Social tab of the Trading 212 app:

After releasing the Pie Library we saw a demand for more focused channels of communication. That is why we’ve created a bunch of different communities - for the most popular instruments and topics we’ve seen discussed on Trading 212.

Each community contains a collection of posts written by you, categorized in three tabs - Hot, Top, and New.

Your opinion counts - posts in the Hot and Top tabs are ordered by the number of upvotes they receive.

Feedback and suggestions for new communities are welcome.



Will posts hit the forum as well?


Pretty much what I was thinking…
Will the forum community (browser) and the in-app community be connected somehow so that we can comment through both but on the same thread? :smiley:


Pretty nifty feature this. Don’t think I’ll get much use out of it personally but I’m sure others will.

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Is not the feature on which we all have been waiting … But how about a community of “New Space” or in German language “Raumfahrt”?

Why T212 focusing on social, instead, add some features that most users are requesting?


This kind of criticism came up when the pie library was added too, there are different teams responsible for different things. It probably makes sense that the team members focused on social features develop and release social features…


I don’t have any updates for the app in the playstore yet I don’t seem to be able to find this in the app.
Would anyone mind explaining or showing me where the “Community” feature appears in the T212 app?

looks like the iOS version updated, the android one may not have been rolled out yet.

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It is where you can get to the pies.

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Thank you :smiley:
It seems to be completely separate from this community. That is a real pity.

@Wit, would it be possible to link the in-app community to this community ?(

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It would be very interesting if you can elaborate a bit more in how this demand was identified.

I’m sure that many people will be happy with that, but at a first glance, seems to be something that majority of people won’t care at all. So understanding how T212 think about the new features might help the community (if it’s still any relevant) be more focused and stop asking for “nerdy” features that won’t never happen.



How do we start up a community for a stock that doesn’t exist yet or search for one?

Hey! At the moment this is not possible. We might look into allowing users to create their own custom communities in the future.

Suggestions for new communities are always welcome, though!

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Sure! Everyone was spamming the most popular pie in the Library with various things, most of which not related to the pie at all. It was pretty obvious to us that we needed to provide a different more focused kind of space for discussion.

Please remember that there are numerous teams at Trading 212 and us working on social features does not at all mean it is at the cost of something else.


Thanks for the feedback.
Spam on pies were really annoying, hope that it will help reduce them.



Can we create our own communities ?

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Really nice feature to have. Like it.
Although the navigation in it can get a bit lost. Reply’s of reply’s takes you several sets deeper into the thread. One chain would be easier to follow.
Also the post time limit is to rigorous. Just genuinely replying to chat throws up a ‘you’re posting too often warning’. I’m not quick on the tapping away but I triggered it a lot.

great feature for the platform… thanks

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