Inverse ETFs for shorting markets

Hey, does anyone know how to find out what short ETFs are available?

Preferably on the London stock exchange.


Don’t know if there are any for the LSE, but there are some Short DAX ETF’s available.

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On t212 only DAX one are up, sadly adding new instruments now days is anywhere from 15+ days…

All short etfs available in europe can be found on and then make request on community to be added

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Thanks. Whilst I just looked at those I find this one ‘db Xtrackers S&P 500 Inverse Daily UCITS ETF’. Says it’s on the London Stock Exchange with the currency in GBX.

That’s the only other one though. Wonder why there’s so many DAX ones?

why not just short indexes from inside trading212?

Is that using the CFD account?

Either way I don’t know enough about how to do it (and I feel like I’d have to know it pretty well to be confident of using it) otherwise I probably would be!

I’ve been thinking about it and in my mind (someone correct me if im wrong), if you technically sell short a stock or etf with the inverse of the margin it has (like 1/5th of your money if margin is 1:5) then its basically like you’re selling short with your entire portfolio, without using margin. Yes, some cash will be open, but it acts like you’re using it. Anyone got any input on if i’m right or not?

P.S. - i know there are some costs related to holding CFDs overnight, but considering it gives me the option of shorting, i find the costs more than reasonable

Some of us have requested ETFs like this already. No reply yet. I guess they’re swamped with the new update. We’re gonna miss out on tendies though.

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Ah ok, thanks for letting me know. I guess there’s that one S&P500 and a load of DAX ones. Better than nothing.

@imawheel Somehow the inverse S&P one performed terribly today. Does anybody know why that happened?

S&P 500 went up after bell and a 15 min halt. Later (I guess after markets in Europe closed) it went down.