Help finding CSI 300 ETF

Hello all,

I’ve been trying to find an ETF that shorts the CSI 300 index, with or without leverage.
I can’t seem to find any that can be bought in Europe. Anyone knows where I can try to find it? Looked it up on most major brokers, just etf and no luck so far.

Appreciate the help.

an etf that shorts a stock???

I think you have trading confused with investing. you dont short stocks when investing so it makes sense there isnt an etf matching the description you have found so far.

@Dao It’s called inverse/short index ETF, like CHAD, but Europe’s alternative one is needed.


Yeah Viper,

CHAD is an American ETF that serves my purpose but I don’t know if there’s any that is UCITS.

Really interested to see if anyone knows where I can find a product like this here in Europe.