Invest in dollars or euros when based in Netherlands?

New here and looking at investing in the S&P 500. I can see one option is Vanguard which is listed on the LSE and is there sold in GBP. Presumably that’s not great because I’m buying in EUR? The other option I have is anothe iShares S&P option which looks like it is listed on the Italian stock exchange, in which case I could buy in EUR. Is this a better option? Any advice, guidance, links etc would be very helpful!

Buying in euro or in usd would have no impact for a standard S&P500; the holdings are still in usd, and you would get the same actual performance.

You can find a S&P500 eur Hedged, that would protect you from FX fluctuations.

Thank you. I was actually wondering more about whether I buy in GBP or in EUR (Italian stock exchange). Presumably the latter.

Buy the ETF in the currency of your account to avoid the FX conversion fee would be my thought.

The underlying fees of each ETF should hopefully be much the same regardless of currency. might be a good resource to see what are out there in your currency, then check they are on 212.

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You also can invest in VUSD, which is in $ (VUSA is GBP). You have to decide, we don’t know how often you trade etc, fx fee is 0.15%, so it’s no big deal if you trade occasionally. Another option is to use Revolut for exchange, but there are limits, also some had “problems” with proving the source of the funds, though Revolut never asked me about the source, only t212.

SXR8 (S&P500 accumulating) EUR - Xetra

I saw you mention this yesterday so I tried it out today. The exchange from Euro to USD is free, but transferring the dollars to T212 seems to still have a charge. How are you getting around that?

I have Revolut premium acc, so one swift transaction pcm is free, but I made a few transactions from Revolut to T212 last month, and they were all free, maybe it’s sepa, not swift, I don’t know.

I think the fee for swift transfer (USD revolut to USD T212) it’s $5 (in case it’s not free).

Transfer made in 9 minutes, no fees (“bez naknada”).

I use the Euro instruments if possible. No FX impact on your position.

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Cool thanks. I might investigate premium a last year using my Irish bank account I paid around ~350 euro in FX fees.

@chantal by any chance do you know a Dutch bank which has low FX rates? I recently moved to The Netherlands and have to open a bank account soon.

FX rates for what? I was refering to instruments available in GBX or EUR.

I’m referring to the fact that depositing money from a Euro bank to a non Euro Trading212 account results in FX rates. Just wondering are there any Dutch banks with particularly low fees for Fx?

Don’t know if the bank will collect the fee. You transfer Euros to a bank of T212 and then it gets deposited in your account. Seems to T212 does the FX fee.

Someone had sent EUR to a USD account (T212 account in Barclays) and the payment was returned.

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