Investing in US stocks with EUR problem

I have been investing since march mostly in US stocks but since I have a EUR invest account, I lost due to the currency exchange (FX IMPACT) nearly 10% in each US stock. There should be another way of investing. I found out that T212 doesn’t offer a multicurrency account (yet).

What would you do?
Open a new account with a USD base currency and use PayPal or Revolut to fund it? One time conversion fee would be applied.
Continue trading with a EUR currency?
Use another broker like Degiro to have that multicurrency option?

Thanks a lot

Well you can only have one account so the first isnt an option. :sweat_smile:

You’re not losing anything. If you had a dollars account, you wouldn’t notice the FX impact until you convert your dollars back to euros again but that’s it. Either way, your currency is EUR and it’s getting stronger right now. If you wanna look at the glass half full, think about this: every time you buy more, you will pay less as long as the EUR keeps getting stronger.
I know there are some currency hedged ETFs out there if you’re interested…

That makes sense. Which ETFs did you mean? Could you tell me more? Thanks

Here is a list of hedged ETFs.
They take into account FX to nullify its effect. So you’ll get the same relative performance (%) in EUR as you would in USD.

So when EUR is getting stronger, you won’t have a diminishing relative performance (like you’ve experienced) however it goes both ways so if the USD starts to strengthen you won’t have an enhanced relative perfomance either.