could you please add IQQA and VGWD - both XETRA?

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@B.E, @Team212? :sweat_smile:
I must say I decided against going for these ETFs but it still would be great to extend the offerings!

Hey. :wave:

Both IQQA and VGWD are not available on IB, and we’ll not be able to add them.


All world high dividend is also available on borsa italiana as VHYL.
Is it on IB?

You can search here for what IB have: Searching the IB Contract and Symbol Database | Interactive Brokers LLC

How? I search for VHYD, VGWD and even VWCE and no results. This tool sucks.

I agree.
If you type VHYD into the search box a new window will open. Type it again and the following appears:

Click where it says “Stock(8)” and it’ll take you to the search results.

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Found it, thanks.

So it seems that it’s available in € in Amsterdam’s exchange. @Bogi.H Can you add this version please? (and enable fractional shares as well).

@HuskyDogg, it’s done. We’ve added Vanguard FTSE All-World High Dividend Yield (VHYL). Enjoy!

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