Isa account maximum investments


I have an isa account with trading212. I have invested 15k and when the returns including the investment is 20K, I have withdrawn 10K. The maximum allowance in a calendar year is 20K. But I want to know how much more can I invest now within the remaining calendar year.

Initial investment = 15k
returns = 5k
Total = 20k
withdrawn = 10k

am I allowed to invest another 10K because the current investment is 10K or am I allowed 5k because the initial investment is 15k?

I am assuming, no matter how many times I withdraw and add, as long as the investment has not gone past 20K, I am ok I think

Please can anyone clarify

You are only allowed to subscribe £20k in total. That means new money into the account.

You have already invested £15k which means you have £5k left to invest.

That information is available in the app and tells you how much of your ISA allowance you have left.

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It is a mistake to withdraw money from an ISA unless it is really needed for something and no other source of funds can be found. The tax savings advantages on that deposit are lost forever. The fact that you are now thinking of additional deposit means that perhaps that withdrawal of 10k was not necessary.


Yes, £20k is annual deposit allowance, in your case the maximum you can deposit is £5k this year.

However you portfolio is not restricted to £20k balance in a calendar year it can shoot up to X amount in an year or over over the time period.

Ex. (Deposit £20k in ISA)
Made a profit of £10k, and you closed your position. Your balance is £30k you are allowed to reinvest this £30k without any restrictions.

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