ISA Account Opening

When this is available again, can the terms be changed slightly?

I understand new users have temporary been paused to signup to 212, but come the start of each new tax year, everyone has the option to invest with a different S&S ISA provider. They may wish to keep their previous years S&S ISA open elsewhere.

The current T&C for opening a 212 ISA in the app, are not flexible enough for say myself to open up an account now, in preparation for the start of the 2021/2022 tax year to use 212, as I currently have a 2020/2021 S&S ISA elsewhere.

Understandably it is too late to implement to smooth out any new 2021/2022 ISA opening requests at the start of the next UK tax year, but it could help for the following years.

Hope this makes sense.